What time of day should you work out?

Hello everybody and welcome to BW Barbell podcast. Thanks for tuning in. I’m your host, Andres. This podcast is brought to you by Cafe Tres Estrellas. CTE is an small batch, craft-coffee roaster that specializes in fair trade organic coffee. If you need a good cup of coffee, visit them at cafetresestrellas.com. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the show. What time of day is the best time for a work out? Many people have spent countless hours compiling data on when you get the…

Squat Training Session, July 12, 2017, KO Gym, Ventura, CA

I worked on a wider stance today to help with my depth. Also used a wide grip. My upper back is sore and so are my abs. Probably from trying to keep my chest up. Squat Training (wide stance and grip) BarX5 135X5 225X5 315X3 225X5X5 Pulldowns, 4 sets Cable abs, 4 sets