The basics- What do you really need to start going to the gym?

If you pick up a muscle mag at the check out line, you’re overwhelmed by the number of ads telling you what you need to build muscle and lose weight. I made the mistake of listening to the magazines and bought all the latest supplements and equipment they suggested. Below is my list of things that you need when you start going to the gym.

1. Workout clothes- You don’t need fancy, designer workout clothes to go the gym. I used an old pair of shorts, a t-shirt and hoodie. You’re going to the gym to workout, not to walk the runway. MY GYM SHORTS, MY GYM T-SHIRT and MY GYM HOODIE.

2. Gym bag- You’ll have to carry a few things to the gym. Shaker cup, straps, knee sleeves and other stuff like that. A simple gym bag is all you need. MY SUGGESTION.

3. Shaker cup- 2 scoops of protein is the perfect post workout meal. You need a shaker cup to mix and carry your shake. Contrary to what you might read, cheaper is better. There’s nothing worse than losing a $20 shaker cup or having to throw it away when you forget to wash it because it’s been sitting in the trunk of your car for 3 day (gross). MY SUGGESTION.

4. Protein powder- After you workout you need to feed your muscles. I’ve tried a lot of different powders. Some taste like a milkshake and others…well…not so much. Get on that mixes well and doesn’t taste like medicine. MY SUGGESTION.


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5. Elbow and knee sleeves- You want to be able to lift as long as you can. Some might say that using sleeves in cheating. You want to keep your joints healthy so a preventable injury doesn’t keep you out of the gym. MY ELBOW SLEEVE SUGGESTION and MY KNEE SLEEVE SUGGESTION

6. Wrist wraps- see number 5. MY SUGGESTION.

7. Belt- Some people will give you a hard time for using a belt. Others will tell you to overuse it. If used correctly (different blog post) a belt will help you lift more weight, safely. MY SUGGESTION.

8. Stopwatch- Rest periods are a very important training parameter that get overlooked. Stay on track. MY SUGGESTION.

9. Workout log- Keeping track of your total volume (weight x reps x sets) is the only way to make consistent progress in the gym. Keeping a workout log is the only way to do it. MY SUGGESTION.

10. Gym towel- Don’t leave your sweat on the bench for someone else to clean up. MY SUGGESTION.

Those are my top 10 gym items. I’ve left links to help find them in the post. Also, don’t forget to sign up for updates on my upcoming ebook. Enter you email and receive a free PDF with my top 10 reasons you should lift weights.


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