Be honest with yourself

Most weekdays you’ll find me at the local high school pool waiting for my daughter (age 9) to finish with her swim practice. Most of the pool is occupied by the swim team. 2 days a week a few lanes are reserved for a swim aerobics class. The members of the class are almost all women in their mid to late 50’s. They all show up and put on their swim buoys and hop in the pool. Then the class turns into gossip time. 90% of the women do not…

Powerlifting Goals for 2017

This year I’ve made a promise to myself to cut the crap and qualify for USPA Worlds 2017. I’ve been on the powerlifting game long enough to have made some serious progress. The only problem is that…i’m a program hopper. This year I’ve challenged myself to stick with a training program until Worlds. I’ve chosen Wendler 531.