Find Your Motivation

Merriam-Webster defines motivation as “to provide with motive”. Which means: something that causes a person to act. Whether its internal or external, finding your motivation to stick with something can be difficult to hold on to.


When everyone starts to live a healthier lifestyle, finding their motivation is the first thing they do. Being persistent and accountable are all buzzwords used by online authorities, but what does that mean. Is motivation an intrinsic characteristic that we all have? Here are 6 tips to help you find your motivation and stick to your fitness plan:

    1. Be sure you’re starting for the right reason- If the motivation isn’t coming from within, you will most likely quit. Be sure that the goal is yours and motivation will be easier to find.
    2. Find like minded people- There’s safety in numbers, and also motivation. If you’re around people that have the same goal or interest, you have some extra built in motivation. Having people to talk to about what your goal is helps get rid of negative self talk that pops up when you aren’t sure about what to do.
    3. Have an answer for every excuse- Write down all the excuses you can think of and come up with rebuttals. Your mind will come up with excuses (read in your mind as “reasons”) as to why you can accomplish you goal.
    4. Remember how far you’ve come- Take an inventory of all the accomplishments you’ve achieved to get to where you are. Remember all the hard work you out in and don’t let that go to waste.
    5. Break the goal up into mini-goals- It’s easier to eat a cake one slice at a time….sorry probably a poor choice of wording. Every journey starts with a single step, and each step gets you closer to your destination. Celebrate each small accomplishment and keep moving forward.
    6. Be on your toes- Obstacles are inevitable. Do not be stopped if something doesn’t go as planned. Figure out a way around it and keep going.




These 6 tips will not work unless you’re in the right state of mind. If there are other things holding you back (emotional, physical), get those things taken care of before you start. Being motivated and dealing with failure (see tip #6) can only be done if you’re healthy both mentally and physically. Forcing yourself or ignoring what your body is telling you are sure fire ways to get hurt. Be honest with yourself and make sure it’s the right time for you to start.


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