The basics- What do you really need to start going to the gym?

If you pick up a muscle mag at the check out line, you’re overwhelmed by the number of ads telling you what you need to build muscle and lose weight. I made the mistake of listening to the magazines and bought all the latest supplements and equipment they suggested. Below is my list of things that you need when you start going to the gym. 1. Workout clothes- You don’t need fancy, designer workout clothes to go the gym. I used an old pair of shorts, a t-shirt and hoodie.…

The Supplements That I Take.

I’ve tried it all. Most of it doesn’t work. In this video I go over the few supplements that I take to help me stay healthy. Here are links to the items in this video: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Daily Multivitamin Supplement, 150 Count Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil Liquid Omega-3 Lemon, 500ml Barlean’s Organic Oils High Lignan Flax Oil, 16-Ounce Bottle Thanks Andres BWBarbell Add me: Snapchat: bwbarbell IG: andrespaniagua